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Unit 6 Technology…wow!

I still remember vividly returning to work after a break of motherhood (which was probably the hardest work I have ever done!) I was informed that I needed to submit information via a computer. At first I was astounded, I had absolutely no idea how to turn a computer on let alone use one. So … Continue reading

Unit 5 task two – Evaluating resources

My trusted website is I used the CRAP method to check the site’s relevance. Currency – the information is up to date and relevant. It focuses on the most popular subjects of the moment. Reliability – The site offers learning resources for everyone with links for adults, schools and parents etc. A consideration is … Continue reading

unit 5 – search engines

I began by using My search was ‘speeches’ which linked in with my Year Seven English class. I liked the way in which this search engine gave me several meanings of speech at the start. Very quickly I realized that my search needed to be refined so I selected ‘Most famous speeches’. Next to … Continue reading

Evaluating an Online Tool

I decided to evaluate an online tool that I could easily infuse into a lesson that I had already planned to teach. My Year Seven English group were focusing on persuasive writing and I had already ‘walked’ them through the structure of presenting a piece of persuasive writing. I selected “Essay Map” because I believed … Continue reading